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Tecno Group Industry srl develops, manufactures and sells radiators, exchangers and intercoolers, for air, water, oil and their combinations, using different technologies and materials: copper, brass, aluminum and steel. The exchangers are designed to cool engines and service applications on earth-moving machines, agricultural machines, generators and special applications.


OUR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT. Starting point of the production process is the technical office, able to provide assistance in the development and commissioning of each product.Read more

Business values

OUR VALUES. For an organization a "value" is something in which they believe all its components and that is at the base of the choices and behavior of whoever is part of it. Read more

Innovative solutions

INNOVATION. The profitable synergies with the main leading companies in the Generating Sets sector have allowed Tecno Group Industry s.r.l. to specialize in the supply of heat exchangers.Read more

Customer Services

OUR ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER. The customer is always the point of reference: his goals are our goals.customer-services

Sustainable quality

Tecno Group Industry srl operates in the direction of continuous improvement accompanied by a sustainable business growth planRead more

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